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This Personalized Business Website Consultation is yours for FREE (a $150 value) with no-strings attached!
During the interview (which can take place in person – we will travel to you, via Skype, or Google Hangout), there will be an opportunity for you to share about your company’s goals, objectives, and customer base.  We will ask relevant questions to get to know what makes your organization unique and special in order to understand exactly how a professionally designed website might help you reach your objectives.

Our goal is to undertsand your needs and work to develop a plan that us tailor made to accomplish your set directives.  We will take the time to answer any questions and make sure that you understand all the options available to you.

Basically, we want to join your team and help make you as successful as we possibly can!

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Like Winning the Lottery!

Most web design companies won’t even sit down with you to do the kind of consultation we offer for FREE until they are sure you are ready to move forward with a project through their firm.

We think that’s a mistake.

Why?  Because our our transparent pricing structure, we know that you already understand the financial obligation you are taking on by doing business with us, now it’s up to us to earn your business.

We believe strong relationships are built on trust, and trust is what make any business great.  We want to earn YOUR trust, and that is why we are willing to waive the $150 fee and offer you this extraordinary opportunity to grow the reach of your business through learning how a professionally designed, affordable website could work for you.


What to Expect?

We have found that most of our clients are surprised at the number of questions we ask in order to understand their business, mission, vision and values.  We believe that in order to develop the website you need, we must learn the core competencies of your organization – what makes you tick.  So, in this initial consultation you should expect our team member to ask lots of questions about who you are?  What you do for your business?   What your customers look like?  How they find you?  What makes them come back? …and more!

Surprisingly, the initial interview has very little to do with website design – this will come later in the hire process after you have put down your initial deposit of $499, what the initial interview does accomplish is our team is able to soak up everything we can learn about your business in order to tailor fit a website solution to your needs.

“Will I need to bring anything with me?”

There are two things that are helpful for you to have on hand at our consultation.  First, take some time and gather 3 websites you like that are similar to the type of website you would want to create.  The second thing you need to do is critically think about your comptetitors websites – what are the things you like about their site or the things they offer via the web, and what are things you dislike about your their websites.

Other than those two things you don’t need to bring anything else to the table.  This consultation is all about learning your needs and seeing if our team is a fit to help your organization move forward in establishing a presence on the internet