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Customization VS. From Scratch Design

Most website design firms in Southeast Kansas or Joplin, MO (or around the country for that matter) create their websites from scratch, they code and design, present you with mock-up after mock-up, and set deadlines with “milestones”.  All of this sounds very impressive!   But, what it really happening, in a very subtle way, is the entire process is putting the website designer in the driver’s seat and intentionally putting you at a disadvantage.  What do we mean?  Let’s be honest, very few people know the difference between CSS, HTML, PHP and Javascript.  You may have not even ever heard some of those terms. Creating a from scratch website, and using a lot of language that you are not familiar with puts you at the behest of the designer.   You have no way of knowing if what they are telling you is true.

The Myth of the “From Scratch” Website

There is a myth that a “from scratch” website is better because it was built from the ground up, just the way you want. But ask any organization that has spent $7,000 and beyond for one of these website products and you will find what they received was not “the way they wanted it.”  Actually, what typically happens is an organization gets in so deep and has spent so much that they end up settling for a lesser product because Psychologically we have attachments, even to bad decisions, to things we have spent significant amounts of money on. This myth, of the “from scratch” website, put you, the client, at a disadvantage, but it also takes advantage of the public’s lack of knowledge of what’s available in today’s website market.  The best is no longer designed by one person or even a firm. The best in available website technology is designed by the entire internet of developers. “From Scratch,” is, simply put, a system that inherently takes longer to develop, and oftentimes, produces a lesser website at a higher cost.

That’s why Targeted Solutions has chosen to honor our client’s intelligence and their organization’s bottom line by presenting an option that is faster to market with lower overhead and a much superior look to a from scratch website – all built on the internets leading website software system.

How do we do it?  We use two basic means to accomplish this.

  1. We develop all of our websites on top of the WordPress Content Management System.  Wordpress is an incredibly robust system with worldwide acceptance as a leader in website systems and constantly being improved upon by an internet full of developers.
  2. We do not start from scratch, we start from smart. Working smart saves you money and gets your website to market quicker. How do we do it?  We start by seeking to understand your particular business and what makes your customers tick (schedule your FREE website consultation today, $150 value). We analyze your website needs and desires, we then use our unique web design building system to meet or exceeds those needs.  Finally, we provide a beautiful website with a high-level of functionality that helps you turn internet traffic into customers.

Just about anything is possible with our proven web development system.

How the Process Works:
  1. We work hard to help you define your website specifications and learn everything we can about your company, customers, and website focus. 
  2. We then go to work taking your needs and pairing it with our expertise to develop your organization a world-class website by creating a world class design and applying your specific customization needs. 
  3. We work together with you to address any changes to your design along the way. Once the design is exceeding your standards we make your website go “live” and you can show your friends and your mom – go ahead, take the credit, you deserve it because you made a wise choice by going with the smart website design that’s targeted to your needs!
What Exactly is Customization?

Imagine you are incredibly rich – filthy rich – and you just bought an old 1957 Chevy off of Craigslist.  You go to the local body shop and you begin to tell them how you want to paint the vehicle cherry-apple red, with white leather seats and a red stitch around the seam.  You begin to customize the car exactly the way you want it, and it is sweet!

Now, the body shop is not creating the car from scratch for you – there is already a frame on the old Chevy, a body, windshield, wheels, etc.  What you ARE having the mechanic do is adjust those things to fit your needs – we all understand car customization.


What does this have to do with website customization?  

We are glad you asked!

When you look at any website, you can quickly begin to see that they all have the same basic structure or elements implemented in their design (think frame, body, windshield, etc.): a header, menu, sliders, images, footers, content, and more. What is different about each website is the implementation (or design) of these elements – this is the part we either think of as beautiful or in the worst cases clunky and out of date.  This is where Targeted Solutions comes in!  We are the body shop for websites! Our process is to take those elements and customize them to your needs (this is the equivalent to the body of the car) that design wise have all the functionality you are looking for (just like buying that Chevy off of Craigslist, we start with something that already has the form of the website you want).  We take that design to our website chop shop and go to work. 

Because we don’t have to build the entire “vehicle” from scratch, you get a superior product at an unbelievable price, without sacrificing a thing.  As a matter of fact, because our sites are built on WordPress, you will always have the latest and best in website standards – automatically!

Our Aim is to Strike a Balance of Trust With Our Clients:

We work hard to earn the trust of our clients by going above and beyond and seeking to understand your business, mission, values and customers as if we one of your key team members (because in our minds, that’s exactly what we are).

The other side of trust happens with our client (you), trusting in our design expertise (nearly 20 years in graphic design and website design) and that every choice we make will be made in alignment with your desired outcome, business mission, values, customers, and current web standards to deliver a stunning website.  We are on your team!

Is Targeted Solutions For You?

If you love to set passionate people, who are experts in their field, on a targeted task and watch them work – then we are your website development team!  We promise to deliver!  

But, if you are accustomed to micromanaging every aspect of a project from top to bottom, unfortunately, we are probably not your web development team.  Developing a great website that adheres to today’s web standards means finding a team you can trust and setting them free.  This does not mean that we sidestep accountability, it simply means that we assume our clients hire us because they are looking for an expert in the field of web development and we deliver on that assumption.

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