Core Values

We made this page plain and simple for one reason:

We want you to understand Targeted Solutions core values for what they are – no marketing, no hype, just us and our team giving our best.

Targeted Solutions Core Values:


Trust is the foundation of any relationship. Trust is fostered by clear communication and working hard to always present the most transparent version of ourselves. At Targeted Solutions we always do what we say we will do and if we mess up, we own it and make it right.  We work hard to earn your trust!


We are not only an organization of integrity, but we are people of integrity. We will always be honest to the best of our knowledge and ability. We believe honesty is a key to fostering trust and we make it a practice in the way we communicate.

Servant leadership:

We intentionally raise up those around us. We lead without ego (removing both pride and fear).  We build up others, we care more about the people than the project, we invest time because people matter.

Radical generosity:

We believe in giving ourselves away. We give advice, time, volunteer our passions, financially support God oriented endeavors. We believe the giver is more blessed than those who receive and we go after big blessings.


Excellence is not about being the best, excellence is about never settling for what could have been better. We constantly seek to improve upon what is already great!

Above all, we live by the golden rule, to treat others the way you would want to be treated!